Upcoming Events

Outdoor skills workshop


Outdoors is undeniably the best school for children. At this workshop, kids will learn to pitch their tent, set up camp, from starting a fire to cooking their own meal – they will learn to interact with nature and learn about the flora and fauna. 

By the end of the camp – kids would have gained exposure to camping, adopt appropriate safety measures, understand their immediate surroundings and an appreciation for the great outdoors.  


Age group: 8 – 14


· How to set up a camp

· Know-how of campfire and camp food

· Learn safe protocols of camping

· Flora and fauna around the campsite

· Short walks around campground in search of butterflies, insects and other interesting life 

· Night walk in search of nocturnal beings around camp

· Walk to nearby lake and drive to Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

Stay and accommodation: Camping tents


We maintain an adult to child ratio of 1:5. There will be at least on female faculty. We will have one wilderness first responder/ first aid expert on the program. We will have a fully equipped infirmary kit at all times. All equipment used in the programme are tried and tested.

When: April 2-5 2018

Call: 9886169698

Carpentry Workshop - August


Like Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” We have conducted several carpentry workshops in the past and we can assure you its super fun.

You will learn how to use tools and will even create your own products in 2-3 days. The best part yet? You will be in the outdoors – also doing a bit of birding, slackline, lake walks and more. 



· Introduction to carpentry

· Introduction to hand and power tools

· How to draw a plan

· Learn to read drawings

· Measuring and marking

. Make a book rack / stool / anything that you want to create

Date: Aug 31- Sept 2. You can also opt to come on Sept 1-2

Age group: 12 and above

Kayaking Adventures


“Let the river take you where it flows…” This beginner kayaking course will cover everything from Introduction to Kayaking, to strokes and rescue techniques. The focus will also remain more on advanced flatwater strokes and rescue. 

Age group: 12+



· Introduction to kayaking: The course is designed as a short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment and skill acquisition for entry level individuals in the public, private and commercial setting.

· Kayak rolling: Participants will be introduced to: Learning proper boat fit and adjustment for effective rolling. Learning safe and effective wet-exit technique. Learning the bow rescue. Learning techniques for effectively rolling the kayak. Learning proper body positioning and head placement for executing a roll. Learning the mechanics of a roll

· Advanced flatwater strokes and rescue

Stay and accommodation: Camping tents  



We are working with a reputed professional kayaking company – all instructors on the program are professionals, with several years of experience and expeditions on rivers across the country.


When: May 18-20

Call: 9886169698