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Innumerable hurdles, new challenges, and tasks that create bigger boundaries of comfort – adventure is the right tool to help a child discover his/her abilities, boosts confidence, tests one’s endurance and opens up an exciting world of new possibilities. 

The outdoors and living it out – Backyard Camp is one such place which spells adventure for those new to its hideouts! We will reside at a property that is home to native trees, farm animals and a large orchard.  

This is an ideal place for some adventure! Kids will go on a trek, campout on a hill top. While they get busy with a bunch of activities, they will gain insights on survival skills and unlock a few secrets of the forest. This trip promises a wholesome experience in a natural setting! 

Age group: 8 – 14


- Set up your own camp

- Pitch your own tent

- Cook your own food in the outdoors

- Basic naturalist skills

- Basic outdoor first-aid

Stay and accommodation: Camping tents. 

Travel: Pick up from Jayanagar, Bangalore


We maintain an adult to child ratio of 1:5. There will be at least one female faculty. We will have one wilderness first responder/ first aid expert on the program. We will have a fully equipped infirmary kit at all times. All equipment used in the programme are tried and tested.

When: June 3-7 2019

Call: 9886169698


Young Naturalist Workshop


Television has brought home the world of outdoors, and kids are surely making the most of it. With informative channels displaying the best, children get their daily dose of knowledge on Natural world. However, they are missing out on the actual experience of being ‘out in the open’, in the great outdoors.

We have put together a series of environment / wildlife related topics, promising children a unique experience, learn about different habitats and most importantly, will be able to build a better perspective on what they see on television. They will gain a better insight and will develop a comfort level with animals and the environment they live in.

Each topic is based on a specific learning objective, covering aspects from natural history to urban wildlife. We will make sure that your child has a truly ‘wild time’, in a safe environment. Adhering to an adult to child ratio of 1:5, we will have at least one wilderness medic with us at all times. 



Identifying, spotting and observing:


- Birds

- Aquatic life

- Mammals

- Insect life

- Flora

- Outdoor skills

- Lake and river ecology

When: July 1-5 2019

Age group: 8 - 14 years

 Travel: Pick up from Jayanagar, Bangalore 


Parent-child Camping


When was the last time your child and you spent time in the outdoors – setting up camp and cooking your own meal, indulging in great storytelling beneath the stars? 


  - Set up camp

- Outdoor cooking

- Hike and visit to the wildlife sanctuary 

- Wildlife tracking

- Parent-child outdoor project 

Stay and accommodation: Camping tents  


When: May 17-19 2019

Age group: Child between 7-16 years

Call: 9886169698