A week within four walls continuously plugged to “technology” and tuned to consuming data – at office, on television, from newspapers and in the very city – that never quietens. How about “switching off” just for a little while, and tuning in to some fresh sounds of the wild, and learning from its natural educators? We at Backyard believe the outdoors is not just recreational bait – it’s a welcoming obligation.


To be able to function to your fullest capacity – you need to get “out” there and bring back enough motivation to keep you going! That’s what all our Corporate Programmes are about! 

What we do


We organize day-long events for groups over 50-100 at the camp – activities include day treks, icebreakers, breakfast, lunch and evening tea. 

We also host corporate groups (smaller groups) on the look-out for weekend getaways closer to Bangalore to do their team-building activities. 

Skill and activity-based learning is the way forward – We organize treks, outdoor-activities, new skills, engaging in DIY exercises and experiential learning modules.

The team

We have the best professional instructors on board and a wilderness medic at all times.