The art of “doing nothing”

Often, the city robs us off our “do-nothing” time, the “switch-off” time, and it’s also an environment that strangely associates doing nothing to boredom. Well, everyone needs regular periods of “doing nothing”, which has been proved time and again to nurture imagination and boost mental health.  

We want you to rediscover these precious moments and understand that at times, doing nothing is completely fun and there is no place for boredom.  


The DOG Camp

The only wise member of our family, oldie Copper loves open spaces and enjoys eating grass. He demands the same for all his kin. We honor his wishes.  

At this pet friendly camp you can let your dogs roam the farm, camp with you in the tent and play an enthusiastic killjoy by snatching the ball every time you play cricket.   


The BOOK Camp

Louis L’Amour said, “For one who reads, there is no limit to the number of lives that may be lived, for fiction, biography, and history offer an inexhaustible number of lives in many parts of the world, in all periods of time.” Come live those lives right here on the camp!  

We thoroughly enjoy reading and hope you do too. We have a modest collection – fiction/ non-fiction, several editions of National Geographic among others. We encourage book club meetings / book readings at the camp.   



You can bring your cricket bats / badminton rackets / Frisbee and call out targets for a healthy competition amongst yourselves. 

We have a small patch of land dedicated for this. We will cheer along. Or ask for chess, carom board or jenga anytime. Children can use the entire space in front of the tents, comfortably plonk themselves on grass and play any game they like.   


Treks / Cycling

We are constantly exploring new routes - If you enjoy trekking or cycling, let us know in advance and we can plan a day-long activity for you.   


Birding / Macro-photography

Watch that foot and say hello to our tiny hosts. We don’t use any chemicals on the land – no pesticides or harmful fertilizers. The result is a well nourished soil teeming with micro life from jumping spiders, praying mantises, crickets and butterflies.  

You can spend hours observing an army of ants doing their commando drills or paper wasps build intricate nests – we have recorded several such interactions on the farm.