About Us

The Journey

Feel the earth, listen in on zephyr discourse. No walls to shade the breaking orange horizon, just you and the stars above. The best way to experience the outdoors – camping!

  The first one in the series, this campsite located in a quaint lil’ town in Sathnur (66km from Bangalore) is on a farmland that fancies its backyard open to a lake a few acres away. The jamun, neem, jacaranda , cassia and a variety of ficus and fruiting trees super-abound and host myriad species of birds like the blue-faced malkohas, rufous treepies, honey buzzards, barbets and sunbirds. We have critters of all kinds, and we love them all. 


 It’s here we want you to find whatever that makes you happy, content – read a book under the jamun tree, scribble away listening to frogs residing in the living pond, relish local food, play the guitar, go on a hike, observe paper wasps build nests, bird watch, farm, or experience the joy of doing absolutely nothing.    


The Campers

We love wildlife and the outdoors. The constant urge to get away from the mayhem that’s a city remains consistent. Taking time off to do “nothing” or to do what we really like (read, stargaze, play music, write, farm, run, cycle, birdwatch) felt more real & imperative. This is our little farm and we have opened it out for you. We hope you relish these modest experiences... away from the city.   

  The camp is Kaushik Bajibab’s dream project – founder, Wishbone, (www.wishbone.co.in) and Wishbone School. His accomplice, Gana Kedlaya is a freelance environment and travel journalist.  

  • We are resilient campaigners for nature and wildlife.  
  • We don’t use pesticides. 
  • We love our critters and care about the sustenance of the soil. 
  • We abide by the Leave no Trace lifestyle. We avoid plastic & don't trash the land and encourage you to do the same. 
  • We love our birds and frogs and swing to nature sounds. So, loud music is definitely ringing out of a jungle babbler’s mouth and not from any speakers.