Backyard Camp
Backyard Camp
  • Discover the soul of the land

    The camp life

    With minimalistic impact on land, walk away with a whole lotta soul

    The dog farm

    Oh yes, we let the dogs out! Bring your four-legged family member too

    Birding / Macro-photography

    Honey, we shrunk that lens. Say hello to our anthropods


    Carpentry Workshop

    Gregory Barreto, founder Barreto Outdoors will be conducting the carpentry workshop. August 31-Sept 2.

    Movie Night

    Watch the best of real-life adventure & travel documentaries and movies beneath the star-lit sky! 

    DIY Camping

    Bring your own tent, and cook your own food - all for 750/- You can bring your four-legged companions too. 

    Outdoor Skills Workshop (Kids)

    At this workshop, kids will learn to pitch their tent, set up camp, from starting a fire to cooking their own meal – they will learn to interact with nature and learn about the flora and fauna.  

    Carpentry Workshop - August


    Like Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” We have conducted several carpentry workshops in the past and we can assure you its super fun.

    Kayaking Adventures


    The course content covers everything from Introduction to Kayaking, strokes and rescue techniques. The focus will also remain on advanced flatwater strokes and rescue. 


    Shrishti Jha

     It's a perfect combination of living in nature and enjoying the perks of luxury camping -big tents, beautiful bathrooms, hammocks, small sitting area for each camp where you can gaze at the stars or watch the fields. (In the image: Joey, Shrishti's dog).  

    Shashi Bhushan

    Flawless and detail-oriented hospitality. It’s a perfect place to just sit back, relax and unwind. And not to forget, the tastefully done bathrooms with the aroma of live lemongrass: impressive and thoughtful! The food is sumptuous: Overeating is guaranteed!  

    Ramki Sreenivasan

     A must visit place for the family (esp. pets and children) to completely unwind! Simple basic tents with common bath areas, great wholesome customised local delicacies and great host / staff! 

    Our Partners

    We are only 66 KM from Bangalore