Discover the soul of the land

The camp life

With minimalistic impact on land, walk away with a whole lotta soul

The dog farm

Oh yes, we let the dogs out! Bring your four-legged family member too

Birding / Macro-photography

Honey, we shrunk that lens. Say hello to our anthropods


Outdoor Skills Workshop (Kids)

At this workshop, kids will learn to pitch their tent, set up camp, from starting a fire to cooking their own meal – they will learn to interact with nature and learn about the flora and fauna.  

Carpentry Workshop (Kids)


Like Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” We have conducted several carpentry workshops in the past and we can assure you its super fun.

Kayaking Adventures


The course content covers everything from Introduction to Kayaking, strokes and rescue techniques. The focus will also remain on advanced flatwater strokes and rescue. 

Our Partners

We are only 66 KM from Bangalore